Yes, it is tiresome but there is a solution

The checklist for cleaning the entire place once you are moving out as a tenant can be really long. While some parts of the house are easier to clean, rest can be really hard and physically demanding. The cleaning part comes when you are done packing all your belongings in those big cardboard boxes which was a difficult task itself. And to the utter disappointment, when the landlord comes for a house check with an even extended checklist of his own and manages to find a spot which you might have missed, it is likely to result in deduction from your deposit.

Leaving the house clean as a whistle is one the important terms of the tenancy agreements since the new tenants have to move in and they would not like an unkempt place just like you won’t as a tenant. On the end of the landlord, having a property clean and in place makes its value go up in the market hence end of tenancy cleaning is important for every stakeholder involved. But the question of doing the cleaning yourself or hiring a professional service has its own pros and cons.

The most lucrative factor of doing the cleaning yourself is that it is likely to save you some money but at the same time, as you might miss something or place to be cleaned, it can lead to loss of a part of your deposit as well. On the other hand, a professional cleaning service like Savio Cleaning Ltd. gets the job done for you and all you have to do is to look forward to moving to the new place.

Every inch taken care of
Professional cleaners make sure that every inch of the place is taken care of as they are experienced in the job. Plus, being in the business make the professional cleaners savvier to what the landlord expects the house to look like, ensuring that you get your deposit back in full.

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